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Dubai has other architectural and geological wonders, including its seven star ultra luxurious icon, the Burj al Arab Hotel.
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The super luxurious, all electric Superbus.Run away for a new adventure!Resembling a futuristic stretch-limo and driven by a hot blond (at least in the promo) the Superbus will take up to 23 passengers on a luxurious fast-track route between Dubai and neighboring Abu Dhabi at speeds up to 240 km her hour.But now, back to the Big Bus Tours and their double-decker tour buses, on which visitors can see all of Dubais attractions; including the Jumeirah Mosque, the Gold Souk, and the even more luxurious Atlantis on the Palm hotel.Contact us to see how could we help you.Check in with Groupon for daily deals and coupons.Go to Big Bus Tours, and create a new memory with your friends and family.When in full operation, it will whisk passengers to and from the two modern mega cites in only half an hour.Big Bus Tours is passionate about giving each visitor on the bus an enhanced experience they would never forget.
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In the meantime, tourists who visit both Dubai and Abu Dhabi will have the option of taking the all electric Superbus between cities if they can afford the fare.Find ideal locations and promotions, and put together package deals for the whole family.Where each suite comes with a personal butler to cater to the guests every whim and desire.Find and meet new friends from around the world, and discover how each place is unique and different from the next.13 tons daily, from its more than 160 floors.

Now poor folks and eco-minded ones too, can visit these extravagant wonders by bus.
Big Bus Tours began in May 2011, when Big Bus Company Ltd and Les Cars Rouges merged their over 20 years of tour experience together to establish the largest operator of open-top sightseeing tours in the world.