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Use Promo Code 'Sexy' for 5 Off at our Travel Shop: Fraser Island 4WD Hire, unfortunately, you can't take your Wicked van or 4WD across to Fraser Island.
How about Hot Air Ballooning while stroking a overknee laarzen korting dingo and eating some KFC Chicken?Personally I would never jump out of a perfectly functioning aeroplane.And because you are a goddamn sexy Wicked Customer, we'll give you 5 OFF.Do you like being underwater?Well we've got a bunch of mates who do 1,2,3 4 Day Tours on Fraser Island.That's sexier than a hat full of nipples.Symptoms include sweating from embarrassing areas, sticking to leather couches and an obsessive compulsive tendency to lick the back of peoples heads at the supermarket.
I'm not sure really, but I've hired a Wicked Camper - and I don't suffer from Stick-o-plexia, so it would seem that what you need to do is hire a Wicked Camper to avoid becoming another victim of this terrible imaginary disorder that I just.
Well fish don't get much bigger than the big motherfuckers lurking off Port Lincoln, South Australia.I like it because you can't hear any stupid people talking, just the soothing voices in my head.That's a lot of fish fingers baby.When you buy your tours activities at our.If youre headed for another fancy country hit us up, were in: Wicked UK Europe, Wicked USA Canada, Wicked Chile, Wicked Africa, Wicked New Zealand bro!But you might be stupider than I, so we'll give you 5 OFF skydives in heaps of locations, including Byron Bay, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Uluru Cairns!Ok well that's about it, I'm Captain Michael McTits, signing off.Must use Promo Code 'Sexy' at checkout for discount to work.Number of People Travelling - Select -12345.Phone us to claim your discount on Fraser Tours.