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Ross freebie list

Rachel: Well relax, hell be here.
Monica: Rach, are you really gonna let him do this?(she starts to walk away and under her breath) You freak.Um, but thats okay, see we have an understanding, um, see we each have this list of five famous people, (gets his out) so Im allowed to sleep with you.Ross: Celebrities Im allowed to sleep with.Ross: What you dont think Id go up to her?This would have been consistent with The One With Two Parts, Part 2, when Phoebe's birthday party takes place some time after Valentine's Day.Ross: Okay, Elizabeth Hurely.Joey: Oh Monica, listen, I ah, I saw down at the hardware store, they got those designer tiles on sale.But she also says she can't get a reservation for the day of her birthday.
I cant believe I took her off my list.
And then the kingdom was his forever.How-how bout it blocks none of mine door and a lot of yours?So what, it blocks a little of your door, a little of my door.Here hold nationellt id kort italien this (hands her his beer).Rachel: Okay sir, um-mm, let see if I got this right.