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Unl travel expense voucher

unl travel expense voucher

Departure and arrival times are required.
Visiting Personnel Expense Voucher, which is available on sapphire along with completion instructions.
No credit card receipts will sendra korte laarzen beige be accepted unless well detailed.Detailed receipts are required for purchases equal to or greater than.00.We recommend reimbursement requests be received in the Accounting office within 30 calendar days from which the expenses were incurred.Car Rental, gasoline costs if University car is used and State of Nebraska credit card not accepted or for rental car.Submit signed form and original receipts to Linda Hotovy (non-grant funded) or Barb Nordmeyer (grant funded) for processing.Provide cost object where expenses are to be charged.Original receipts marked "paid" are required for all reimbursement of all claims except those for food and miscellaneous items under.00.If the work was performed outside of Nebraska, please note the state where the work was performed anywhere on the form.
When the form is completed and the proper departmental approval has been obtained, attach any applicable receipts to the original and forward both the original and a korting black friday 2018 copy to the Accounting Office.
Tips on completing the Visiting Personnel and Miscellaneous Expense Voucher Form: The address should be the address where the payee receives official mail.
Column total at the bottom of the form and on the right side are calculated automatically.If amount being claimed is less than the expense total, please enter reimbursement amount in the "Note Area".If non-grant funded, submit to, linda Trouba.It is important that the payee sign the form, but if for some reason the signature is impossible to obtain, call the Accounting Office at for directions.Record any charges for taxi service as a daily amount.If a personal vehicle was used, post all mileage accumulated during the day.If the claimant is completing the form "Self" should be entered.

This State of Nebraska statutory requirement ( 81-1174 ) cannot be waived.
Provide name and contact information for the person who completin the form.
Visiting Personnel Expense Voucher, contact the Payroll Office at or the Ag Finance and Personnel Office at for additional required forms and processing instructions.