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What are school vouchers used for

"Free schools 'could widen social divide.
Virtually all of e voucher izy the glowing reports published by Paul Peterson and others in praise of the student achievement benefits of vouchers have been funded by pro-voucher individuals and organizations, such as the Walton Foundation and Rose and Milton Friedman Foundation.
In the past several years researchers have homed in on factors that predict high academic achievement in K12 schools.
Public schools throughout the nation are engaged in improvement efforts - all without the threat of vouchers or other competition.Precisely what kind of school choice Messer had in mind became clear when he introduced a voucher amendment to the.DeVos's proposal marks a profound change of direction for American education policy."School Vouchers: A Survey of the Economics Literature".America will continue its downward spiral into third world status if we sit back and do nothing.He got more than he bargained for.I have recognized and written about my own frustrations with charters, magnet schools, choice schools and vouchers, but did not clearly see all of the historical connections.The National Education Association and its affiliates support direct efforts to improve schools through programs proven to work, including raising expectations for students through high standards - and giving students the help they need to meet those standards, through reducing class size and enhancing teachers'.
She provides a variety of anecdotal evidence and summaries of more formal studies that support this argument.Vergakis, Brock (June 4, 2007).In some programs, money comes from funds allocated for public education in the state coffers.Rather than seeing public schools as a rich local resource and driver of social mobility, he suggested they were a reflection of government overreach.Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, no 2 (2003 1-16.Under SEP, the voucher system was altered to take family incomes into account.In recent years, there has been renewed interest in the use of vouchers.Most of these studies did not fit GAOs standards for objectivity, including peer review.