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Battlegrounds and Rated Battlegrounds.
Tougher enemies now drop additional quest items for faster quest progression.Added a delay before NPCs will attack Belle/Phaedra was ist ein promotion code ps4 during the escort section, to make obtaining the achievement easier.The Darktide Champion will not despawn if it exits combat and returns to its spawn point.Razor Disk The Tier 4 no longer increases the tier charge count.The line to detect allies is 5x30m.A new Tier 8 has been added that reduces the cooldown of Triage by 10 seconds if a player heals an ally below 30 health.The "Summon Rock" control panel for the quest "Insane in the Mainframe" wasn't activating for some players, so the activation radius got expanded.Dominion players are no longer plagued by a spell bar that says "Placing" when trying to board an occupied dred Parcel Delivery Chute in the Cankertube Swamp.Players can no longer be under the effects of 'Buoyancy of Spirit' outside of the Evoker Ward event.Steadfast The Tier 4 has been changed to grant an Empower when deflecting an attack while Steadfast is active.Warden The Healing over time now ticks every.
Will now build an Actuator at base.
And it is good for pushing your reputation when you need AMP/AP/Costume/Decor from reputation vendors.Hyper Wave Tier 4 Bonus- Reduce Critical Hit chance on foes by 9 for 6 seconds.Level 10 players in Celestion, Ellevar, Algoroc and Deradune will receive a quest to find the Protogames Recruiter in a town near them.Killing Spree Will now trigger from killing any enemy.Fortify The buff will now be granted whenever Shield is active and will increase in power depending on how full a players shield.The Equivar and Luminous Equivar player mounts are no longer immune to CC effects.

Additionally, these dummies are no longer scalable creatures, which was throwing off damage values.
This amp has been updated to generate 1 Psi Point every 2s when triggered.
Players who play through the Arkship Tutorial will also get this additional cash upon completion of these quests.